Super Bowl In New Jersey


The Super bowl is coming to New Jersey this year and residents should prepare themselves for the madness.  The 48th Super bowl is anticipated to be the biggest media event of the year, with over $550 million expected to flow into the local economy. With hype like this, it would seem like New Jersey residents can’t wait for the event, but there will be many inconveniences that fans may not be prepared for.

The contracting company responsible for Route 3 construction over the Passaic River has already said that construction will not be finished, so commuters can anticipate even more headaches, as they travel one of the state’s busiest highways.

Fans expecting to tailgate will have their own trouble as the state has set some strict rules. Due to heightened security measures the entire facility will be closed to the public beginning January 27th.  When fans arrive on game day they can only expect to find about 11,000 of the normal 26,000 parking spaces due to security and media. Fans will also only be able to take up one parking spot, and it still hasn’t been determined whether they will be able to bring coolers and grills.

Local business owners have also seen difficulties with advertising, as the New Jersey Sports and Exposition authority has announced that all billboards around the meadowlands complex will be reserved for NFL approved sponsors such as Budweiser, Nike, and Gatorade.

While it has already been anticipated that hotels, restaurants, parking and shuttle services will hike up their rates, Jersey residents can expect all local businesses around the meadowlands to raise their prices as the Super bowl approaches.

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