The curious case of Richie Incognito

richie incognito

While Richie Incognito’s suspension was recently announced, the bullying situation has presented major problems to the Miami Dolphins. Many are questioning the manner in which the organization approached the situation. Miami originally announced that Jonathan Martin had chosen to leave the team for personal reasons. The only public announcements Miami made in regards to the situation, was that he was to play this past Thursday with an “illness”.

Representatives from the team, including players and coaches repeatedly denied any abnormal locker room activity, preaching a culture of teamwork and family. Even when the investigation was announced a high-ranking Dolphins official anonymously said Incognito was a “model-citizen” and was mystified by any allegations of wrongdoing.

While further details of the situation have yet to come to surface, it is a nightmare for the Miami Dolphins offense, as they are now missing two of their starting offensive lineman.

Richie Incognito sits down with Jay Glazer


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